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Department of Ethics and Civic Education

Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica...

 ...prepares future teachers of Ethics and Civic education for classes 5 to 13 within the framework of both stages (Bachelor´s and Master´s) of full time as well as part-time university study. A three-year Bachelor´s study is focused on predominantly theoretical preparation of students that is philosophical and didactic in its character. A five-year Master´s study emphasizes didactic and pedagogic-psychological disciplines. Teaching of Ethics is usually studied incombination with other subjects, such as a foreign language, Slovak language, Psychology, Physical Education, Music and Art Education,

...cooperates with a number of primary and secondary schools, faculties of Education, Humanities and Philosophy in Slovakia, as well as with many educational and research institutions abroad,

 ...participates in evaluation of Ethics as a subject within the long term research project “Ethical Education Project in the Slovak Republic and particular European Countries”. In connection with this project the Department of Ethics organizes international scientific conferences, which concentrate on comparison of basic conceptual, curricular and didactic solutions of Ethical Education issues.



Sekretariát KEaOV, PF UMB Ružová 13, 974 11 Banská Bystrica;;
tel. +421-48-446 4312


Members of the department


PhDr. Janka Kyseľová, PhD. (Head of Departement)

has been a senior lecturer at the Department of Ethics and Civic Education, Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University since 2008. She studied teaching of general education subjects in the combination of subjects English Language - Civics. In 2001 she gained her PhDr. degree (“doctor of philosophy”) in Ethics, later she gained her PhD. degree (“philosophiae doctor”) in Systematic Philosophy. At the moment, her educational activity is focused on Ethics, Business Ethics, History of Ethical Theories as well as Political Sciences. She is also a supervisor and an opponent of final and diploma theses. Her research and pedagogic work concentrates on education towards the fusion of theory and practice.


 prof. PaedDr. Vojtech Korim, CSc. 

is a professor in the theory of education of academic and specialized subjects at the Department of Ethics and Civic Education, Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University. In the educational process he focuses on the methodology of “vlastiveda” (subject that combines Geography, History and Literature) and History, Regional Education, Slovak History and Culture, Education towards Citizenship, Social Learning and methodological ideas of Ethics. He is also a supervisor of diploma theses, a chairman and  a committee member at state, rigorous and doctoral exams, a vice chairman of subject programmes committee for doctoral study, a member and a chairman of habilitation and inauguration committees, an opponent of rigorous, dissertation, habilitation and inauguration theses.


prof. PaedDr. Eva Poláková, PhD.

In 1999 she gained habilitation in pedagogy at MBU, the title of full professor she received in the year 2011 in the field of media studies at The University of Saint Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. In accordance with her education she principally focuses on transdisciplinary projects addressing issues in applied ethics, especially in connection with pro-social, media and multicultural education of youth and teacher training. She lectured at several European universities (Sibiu RO, Paderborn DE, Bydgoszt PL, Ostrava CZ), she is author, co-author and editor of several professional books, 15 monographs and more than 250 articles and studies. She was a leader or a co-worker of more than twenty national and international research projects. Currently she leads projects: ´Didactic means facilitating the implementation of selected cross-cutting themes in the teaching of ethics in the second grade of primary school´ and ´Human rights and anti-prejudice education´.


Mgr. Barbora Baďurová, PhD.

has been working at the department since 2012. She studied philosophy and ethics at the Faculty of Arts Matej Bel University. Since her doctoral studies of Systematic philosophy she has been dealing with the analysis of values and respect in environmental philosophy. Her publications and research activities are focused on environmental ethics and ethical education. She is involved in several research project of the department- KEGA (deputy of project leader), VEGA, APVV, Visegrad fund (project leader). She teaches subjects focused especially on ethics, practical ethics, history of ethical theories, environmental ethics, introduction to political sciences, introduction to logic. She had a chance to undertook several study, research or lecture stays abroad: in Finland (Helsinki University of Helsinki- Summer School- Introduction to Bioethics, University of Turku- Finnish government scholarship), Poland (University of Maria Sklodowska Curie, Erasmus Lublin), Portugal (University of Coimbra - Erasmus lecture stay) and Ireland (St Patrick's College, Dublin City University, Erasmus +). ​


doc. RNDr. Katarína Čižmárová, CSc.

As a university pedagogue has been operating since 1980. The university study completed on the PrF UK in Bratislava, teaching general-education subjects, specialization mathematics-geography (1980), passed a rigorous examination and obtaining the title of the RNDr. at PrF UK in Bratislava (1981). In 1991 she has completed a scientific internship in the field of environmental education at the École normale superiéure in Paris (France). Phd thesis and obtaining the title of the CSc. at PrF UK in Bratislava in the field of theory of teaching of subjects , general-educational nature (1998). Habilitačné proceedings and obtaining the title of the doc. the FNS MBU in Banská Bystrica in the field of theory of teaching of subjects of general nature (2001). Currently she teaches  ethical education, the regional education and socio - refer cognition, is a guarantor of professional vary by practice of the students of ethical education, leads the final work content focused on the didactic ethical and regional education


Mgr. Ján Kaliský, PhD.

finished the University study of History of Philosophy and German Language at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. He gained his PhD. degree on the basis of his thesis The Character of the Renaissance Skepticism. At present he has been working at the Department of Ethics and Civic Education at the Faculty of Education, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica since 2005. The fields of his professional activity are Philosophical Anthropology, problems of Man vs. Technology, Ecophilosophy and History of Renaissance Philosophy. He has recently been interested in the issues of Ethical Education in German speaking countries, Ecopedagogy and the concept of “philosophizing with children”.







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